Digital White Papers

Comprehensive digital white papers focused on the industry themes and technologies

OAK expertise is now available in the form of comprehensive digital white papers focused on the industry themes and technologies set forth in our seminars and webinars. Select a topic below to explore OAK's industry knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

Micro-Channel Condenser Coil vs. 5mm Condenser Coil

A study of the heat transfer between micro-channel coils and 5mm coils was performed. Download the study findings, performance data and flow distribution information.

Total Cost of Ownership: OAK Triumph Hairpin Bender

Brian McConnell, President

September 2014

An Evaluation of a Pressure Expansion Method

July 10th through14th, Burr OAK Tool attended the 23rd International Compressor Engineering Conference, the 16th International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference, and the 4th International High Performance Buildings Conference at Purdue University's Ray W. Herrick Laboratories.

Pressure Expansion Safety Validation

Download Burr OAK Tool's digital white paper to learn more about the risk assessment and risk mitigation of the Phoenix Pressure Expander.

Non-Invasive Pressure Expansion

Introduction of new technology for high volume production of Round Tube Plate Fin (RTPF) heat exchangers used extensively within the HVAC industry for condenser, evaporator, and heat pump applications.
The trend for increasingly smaller diameter tubes presents a challenge to conventional processes used in joining these tubes to heat exchanger fins. This white paper addresses these challenges.

Effective Coil Manufacturing

The expectations on your OAK equipment continue to increase, making any downtime more costly to your operations. With growing production requirements, are you taking the necessary actions to ensure these machines run at their optimal performance levels? Ensure your capital investment realizes its full ROI.

Coil Evolution: Smaller Diameter Coil Production

Newell Franks II, Chairman, CEO

June 2013

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Virtual service in the form of video communication. OAK customers are now able to continue to work together with Burr OAK Tool field service technicians from a distance through live video sessions or recorded video troubleshooting and instructions.

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Fast, easy and free! Burr OAK Tool Time offers OAK customers the opportunity to watch videos created by professionals for various areas of expertise.

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OAK Troubleshooting Guides offer an abundance of recommended solutions to common machine problems that may arise.

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The OAK Operator Video series aims to provide equipment operators with thorough procedures for general machine startup and use, production changes, and other important processes.