OAK Replacement Parts

OAK Parts offers a full line of replacement parts for all OAK machines.


Machine downtime due to part failure can cause expensive production interruption. To help customers reduce the impact of downtime due to maintenance and problems, OAK Parts offers a full line of replacement parts for all OAK machines.

Click the button below to be taken to our parts request form, where you can quickly and easily submit a ticket for a parts quotation or order.

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If you have any questions, simple contact one of our knowledgeable team members by phone or email to receive expert assistance with your replacement part needs.

  +1 (269) 659-6607


Hours: 7AM to 5PM (EST) Monday - Friday

Payment Terms
OAK Parts offers Net-30 payment terms, with credit card payment also available.
Rush Orders
Rush order shipments (orders shipped the same day as order receipt) are subject to a $100 handling fee.
Minimum Orders
There is $125 minimum for all purchase orders.

Service Resources

OAK Virtual Services

Virtual service in the form of video communication. OAK customers are now able to continue to work together with Burr OAK Tool field service technicians from a distance.

Digital Whitepapers

OAK expertise is now available in the form of comprehensive digital whitepapers focused on the industry themes and technologies set forth in our seminars and webinars.

Burr OAK Tool Time

Fast, easy and free! Burr OAK Tool Time offers OAK customers the opportunity to watch videos created by professionals for various areas of expertise. 

Troubleshooting Guides 

OAK Troubleshooting Guides offer an abundance of recommended solutions to common machine problems that may arise. 

Operator Videos

The OAK Operator video series aims to provide equipment operators with thorough procedures for general machine startup and use, production changes, and other important processes.