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The OAK Media Library contains an assortment of informative documents and videos to help customers learn more about our company and its products. Take advantage of these valuable resources to learn more about OAK innovation and leadership in the heat exchanger manufacturing industry.

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OAK Expertise is now available in the form of comprehensive digital white papers focused on the industry themes and technologies set forth in our seminars and webinars. Select a topic below to explore OAK's industry knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

OAK Troubleshooting Guides

To better assist our customers with maintaining optimal operation of OAK equipment, a selection of our troubleshooting and maintenance guides is now available online. 

Burr OAK Tool Time

Burr OAK Tool Time offers OAK customers the opportunity to watch videos created by professionals for various areas of expertise. 

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The OAK Operator Video series aims to provide equipment operators with thorough procedures for general machine startup and use, production changes and other important processes. 

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Discover why Burr OAK Tool is second to none in the heat exchange manufacturing industry by viewing informative videos about our innovative products and company vision. 


The OAK Webinar Series offers educational presentation drawing from our 75 years of experience in the heat transfer and tube processing industries. View these informative webinars to take advantage of OAK's expertise on a number of specialized topics. 

Controls Best Practices

Do you want additional diagnostic information from your OAK machines? Do you need help restoring the program on your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)? An integral part of keeping Burr OAK Tool equipment running at optimum production requires understanding and updating machine controls.

In order to best prepare customers for a software-related encounter with the Burr Oak Tool Service Department, OAK has outlined several best practices related to the troubleshooting and upkeep of OAK machine controls systems. These guidelines will help ensure the most efficient possible software update process or path to a solution in the event of a problem. These guidelines will help ensure the most efficient possible software update process or path to a solution in the event of a problem.

Eric Lund, Controls and Software Engineering Manager at Burr Oak Tool, presents a detailed discussion of the how OAK, working together with Siemens, is creating a better avenue for updating and diagnosing your PLC controls. He will also review MSP Schematic Logic and general best practices regarding OAK PLCs and software.

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Total Cost of Ownership: Triumph

A manufacturer's decision to purchase new production equipment requires the careful consideration of both the more apparent and the less obvious costs associated with the purchase.

When making a purchase of capital equipment are you taking into consideration all the costs that make up the total cost of ownership? With all of today's expectations of capital equipment it's important to understand the product's lifecycle costs to make the right decision upfront.

Brian McConnell, president of Burr Oak Tool, presents a detailed discussion of the Triumph Hairpin benders' lifecycle and the inherent costs Burr Oak Tool considers when designing and building the next generation of hairpin bending machines.

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Coil Evolution

The diameters and the patterns of tubing for refrigeration and air conditioning have changed dramatically over the years. It makes sense, in terms of efficiency, to reduce both the tube diameter and the distance between tubes. Then, the same volume of coil can transfer more heat or a coil of lesser volume can be used to transfer the same amount of heat. Learn  about this evolution and more by watching this webinar.

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Pressure Expansion

Join Brian McConnell, President of Burr OAK Tool as he shares with you the many features of the Phoenix Pressure Expander. He will also outline Burr Oak Tool's future pressure expansion product line, which is guaranteed to improve your company's coil expansion processes.


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