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Burr OAK Tool Time offers OAK customers the opportunity to watch videos created by professionals for various areas of expertise.

This page is consistently updated with new content. Please return at a later date if the content you want is not available. If you would like to request a video please visit our page OAK Virtual Services by clicking on the link below. 


OAK Triumph Hairpin Bender Full O.D. Tooling Changeover

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OAK Triumph Bend Center Tooling Changeover

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Service Resources

OAK Virtual Services

Virtual service in the form of video communication. OAK customers are now able to continue to work together with Burr OAK Tool field service technicians from a distance.

Digital Whitepapers

OAK expertise is now available in the form of comprehensive digital whitepapers focused on the industry themes and technologies set forth in our seminars and webinars.

Operator Videos

The OAK Operator Video series aims to provide thorough procedures for general machine startup and use, production changes and other important processes.

OAK Troubleshooting Guides

OAK Troubleshooting Guides offer an abundance of recommended solutions to common machine problems that may arise.