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Beginning June 16th, our Replacement Parts Team and Service Team will no longer be using Zendesk, our current ticketing system, and will switch over to our new Helpdesk ticketing system. When you email our RPO or Service teams, or submit a request via the website, you will notice that the automated email you receive will now provide you with a “view the ticket” button that allows you to see your open ticket, check on the progress, view all correspondence pertaining to this ticket, and send your own correspondence. Of course, you can also simply respond to the email just as before. 

Please be aware that during this 24 hour transition period, there is a chance you may receive an “undeliverable” response when trying to email either  or . We apologize and ask for your patience if this is the case. Please remember that for any urgent requests you will still be able to call our team members using the normal contact phone numbers.

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Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence in Quality and Service

For 75 years Burr OAK Tool Inc. has delivered machines, tools, and expertise to the world's heat exchange manufacturers and tube processing industries. Heat exchangers are an integral part of air conditioning, heating, and air handling units. Plumbing, appliance, automotive, and tube component producers use OAK tube processing machinery and tooling. Burr OAK Tool Inc. designs and produces high quality fin dies, fin lines, tube expander, tube cutoff machines, tube bending equipment, and coil forming units for companies in more than 75 countries. We guarantee that our machines are finished, thoroughly tested, and most importantly, will function properly upon installation in your factory and throughout its production history.


Burr OAK Tool's wide product range enables us to provide coil making and tube processing solutions to the largest mass production facilities and to the smallest specialty shops. Our focus includes improving delivery times on all product lines so you can rely on OAK dependability when you need it. Burr OAK Tool's heat transfer and coil making line of machines stamp fins, create hairpins, expand tubing, and form coils, while OAK'S tube processing machines produce quality bends, consistent angles, and straight tubes when required, at high productions rates.

OAK's Latest Product

The Katana Chipless Return Bender by Burr OAK Tool Inc. is fast, clean, and elegant. Advantages of the Katana include servo controls, quicker tooling changes and improved throughput. The cut is neat, clean and chipless. No saw cut means no chips which delivers a significant reduction in scrap and cleaning compared to previous OAK return benders. The cutting-edge Katana is a simple and ingenious solution which mirrors Burr OAK Tool's high-quality standards and industry leading innovations.

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Virtual service.

OAK Virtual Service

Virtual service in the form of video communication. OAK customers are now able to continue to work together with Burr OAK Tool field service technicians from a distance through live video sessions or recorded video troubleshooting and instructions.

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