Old Hydraulic Hairpin Bender

  • Least upfront costs

  • Lots of down time

  • Poor hairpin quality

  • High scrap rate

Repaired/Refurbished Hydraulic Hairpin Bender

  • Can cost as much as a new Triumph Hairpin Bender

  • Long setup times for length change

  • Nonparallel hairpins cause difficulty during lacing process
  • Inconsistent leg lengths
  • Overall lower productivity and hairpin quality

New Triumph Hairpin Bender

  • 70% more productivity

  • 1 hour tooling changeover

  • 30 second maximum length changeover

  • Lower scrap rate

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Lower cost per hairpin

  • Process control delivers consistent and accurate leg lengths

  • Touch screen interface improves set-up time

  • Considerably less hydraulic components

Media & Materials

Learn more about the Triumph Hairpin Bender by clicking the link below.

 Triumph Hairpin Bender Product Page