Return Elbow Crossover Bender (RECB)
Return Bends at High Production Speeds. 

OAK small bending machines turn out multiple bend angles easily and dependably. The cuts are straight and bend centers are accurate, protecting your investment in the quality of your final product.

This machine is designed with versatility in mind. This hydraulic powered machine can produce return bends, crossover bends, elbow bends, and short straight tubes with a simple, quick tooling change and setup.

Machine Facts

Machine Specifications


Cycle Speeds

  • Crossover: 8 cyc/min

  • Elbow: 10 cyc/min

  • Return Bend: 11 cyc/min

  • Straight: 22 cyc/min

Bends per Cycle:

  • 1/4" - 3/8" : 3 b/c

  • 1/2" - 3/4" : 2 b/c

  • 7/8" - 1 1/4": 1 b/c



               ≈12.14’ x 6.89' x 6.89' (3.7 m x 2.1 m x 2.1 m)
               ≈ 8,000 Ibs (3,629 kg)


  • 6  ft3/min at 80 psi
    (0.2 m3/min at 5.5 bar)


  • 12 kW @ .80/.82 PF

  • 24 VDC Controls

    **Foundation information supplied upon request

Tube Specifications


1/4" dia - 1 1/4" dia
Straight lengths or coil tubing


Copper or Aluminum



  • Point-of-use production of return bends enhances lean manufacturing processes.

  • In-house production eliminates the shipping and handling costs of out-sourced material.

  • Allows better control of raw material prices through the use of existing procurement contracts. 


  • Can be configured to produce bends from a variety of materials.

  • Various uncoiled designs allow the use of the most cost effective tubing coil configuration. 


  • Touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI) facilitates easy access to various operator controls and eliminates the need for manually adjusted hard stops.

  • Guard design allows an unobstructed view of the tooling and working parts while ensuring the safety of the operator.

  • Guarding is electronically locked during machine operation to ensure operator safety.

  • Operator touch screen controls can be configured for different languages. 

Materials & Media

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