Phoenix Pressure Expander

Phoenix Pressure Expander

Non-Invasive Pressure Expansion. 

The Phoenix Pressure Expander exhibits zero shrinkage throughout the expansion process, resulting in drastically reduced material costs. Additionally, the innovative Phoenix expansion method leaves delicate tube enhancements undamaged, creating more opportunity for experimentation with radical new enhancement designs for improved heat transfer quality. 

Machine Facts


1m Coil Length: ~30 seconds


14' (4.27 m) wide
6.5' (1.98 m) deep
8.5' (2.59 m) tall


~8,000 lb (~3,630 kg)


1 ft3/min at 80-100 psi (0.03 m3/min at 5.6 bar)


8 kW @ .80/.82 PF, 24 VDC Controls

Foundation information supplied upon request.


Copper tube with aluminum fin


Up to 1 meter tall by 0.5 meters wide


.157" (5 mm) to – .394" (10mm) OD
1–4 rows


Up to 4,500 PSI (310 Bar)



  • Elimination of mechanical bullets and rods.

  • Substantial reduction in scrap rate.

  • 30 second cycle time on a 4-station rotary system.

  • Significant reduction in tube material cost due to zero shrink technology. 

  • Considerable reduction in overall machine floor space and overhead space.

  • Earlier identification of substandard coils save downstream material and labor cost.


  • Substandard tube detection during expansion process. 

  • Pneumatic expansion reduces vertical forces on coil.

  • Innovative bell and flare reduces downstream production challenges with solutions for hairpin peg-leg.

  • Leaves flare region un-workhardened for optimal flare.

  • Improved flare diameter control.

  • Zero deformation of inner-tube enhancements. 


  • Ergonomic load and unload stations reduce strain on employees.

  • Light curtain safety allows for optimal efficiency, movement and protection.

  • Touchscreen setup allows for rapid expansion diameter adjustments.

  • Pulley changeover system allows for fast tooling changeover.

  • Operator touchscreen controls can be configured for different languages.

Phoenix Expander Case Study

The Problem

Global OEM indicated that expanding smaller diameter (5mm & 7mm) tube coils was exponentially harder than expanding other larger diameter tubes, causing substantially higher scrap rates of smaller diameter coils.

  • Unacceptable production scrap rate related to compression expansion.

  • Unnecessary rework on the belling and flaring operation.

  • Bottle neck of production at the expander, cycle time.

  • Valuable production loss due to tooling changeovers and wrecks. 

The Solution

Global OEM explained desired expansion parameters and production expectations, and Burr OAK Tool implemented the Phoenix Pressure Expander.

The Results

When compared to conventional expansion methods, the Phoenix has improved workflow, reduced plant footprint and enabled greater research of small diameter coil design, due to Phoenix success. 

  • Production scrap rate reduction.

  • Copper savings due to Zero-Shrink.

  • Eliminated bell and flare related work.

  • Reduction of leaks in brazing joints in automated line.

  • Increase in production.

  • Similar and better heat transfer properties. 

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