OAK Eurasia s.r.o.

Oak Eurasia s.r.o. is an Oak service and parts center located in Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Oak Eurasia offers the entire line of Burr Oak Tool and Oak Press Solutions replacement parts, and provides on-site service throughout the greater European area. Oak Eurasia also rebuilds dies at our Pilsen facility. We are Oak certified and deliver the same superior quality expected from all of our Oak products and services.

 We service Oak customers in the following countries:

Austria Estonia Israel Poland Sweden
Belarus Egypt Italy Portugal Switzerland
Belgium Finland Jordan Romania Turkey
Bulgaria France Latvia Russia Ukraine
Croatia Germany Lithuania Serbia United Kingdom
Cyprus Greece Morocco Slovakia  
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Slovenia  
Denmark Ireland Norway Spain

OAK Eurasia s.r.o. manages all data and information in accordance to the GDPR legislation required for all EU countries.

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PHONE: +420 378 133 380

FAX: +420 378 133 381

EMAIL: sales@oakeurasia.com



NH 2.3.2 ADELARDIS, Na Pomezi 1289/24a
318 00 Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC



Konvalinkova 820/12
326 00 Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC