Coil Form Machine

Vertical Arbor Coil Forming.

OAK coil form machines produce high-quality distortion-free bends in coils. Recent innovations provide the ability to make bends that were previously impossible when using very low-strength, enhanced fin designs. These machines will form single row coils or multiple single-row coils joined at one end.

The vertical arbor coil form machine incorporates a single, vertically oriented bend arbor that produces one, two, or three 90° bends, which create L-, U-, or box-shaped coils. The cycle time required to produce a single bend - after the coil has been loaded and positioned - is approximately 10 seconds. The vertical arbor technique leaves the mechanical bond between the fin and tube undisturbed, ensuring maximum heat transfer.

Machine Facts


  • 1 minute for a single row 3 bend coil


  • 216" (5.5 m) long
    135" (3.5 m) wide
    95" (2.4 m) tall


  • 6,000 lbs (2,722 kg)


  • 15 kW @ .80/.82 PF
    24 VDC Controls

    No hydraulics
    No compressed air hookups
    No water hookups

    Foundation information supplied upon request


  • Round Tube Plate Fin (RTPF) Single
  • 1+1 Row Coil
  • 1+1+1 Row Coil
  • Micro Channel Coil (MCHX)


Up to 60" (1.5 m) wide
Up to 118" (3 m) long



  • The M14 is all electric, lowering energy consumption and providing greater precision than hydraulic machines.

  • Electric drive requires less maintenance than hydraulic machines.

  • RFID prevents scrapping expensive coils by matching part data to the arbor cover, which avoids forming the wrong radius. 

  • The cycle time is about 10 seconds per bend. 


  • Forms round and flay-tube coils up to 60" wide and 3 meters long.

  • Soft surface arbors enable tighter bends without fin damage. 

  • Forms bend up to a total of 200 degrees.

  • Forms radii as small as 2 1/4" (57 mm) and as large as 18" (457 mm). 

  • Forms up to three 90 degree bends or more if bends are less than 90 degrees. 


  • Single operator can load flat coil on table and activate the "Cycle Start" button: machine will automatically position coil(s) for each bend, perform the operation, and present the finished coil at completion. 

  • Touchscreen controls feature part recipes. 
  • Optional bar code scanner prevents forming wrong pieces of stock.
  • Optional coil loading table allows machine to cycle while operator loads next coil. 
  • Ability to offload coils onto a table or conveyor system. 
  • Operator touchscreen controls can be configured for different languages.

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