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Newell Franks at Industry Week

Newell Franks, chairman of the board and CEO of Burr Oak Tool Inc. participated in a recent event co-hosted by Industry Week and Siemens. The event was held in Chicago and focused on solutions to help U.S. manufacturers remain competitive. 

Franks’ presentation posed the question of how U.S manufacturers could succeed on a global scale, while detailing factors that may help companies to do so.  Franks stressed the importance of investing in current equipment and technology and keeping personnel trained, while continuing with innovation to meet customer demands.          

Sales Summit 2014

Burr Oak Tool Inc. hosted its 4th annual OAK Sales Summit, May 19 - 23, 2014 in Sturgis, MI.  Nineteen international representatives from nine different countries, six local salesman, the OAK management team, engineers and machine experts all met for product training and instruction on industry and market trends.