Battery Grid Stamping Dies for the Lead Battery Market

Alongside our sister company, OAK Press Solutions, we offer power grid dies for the lead battery market.

  • Modular Tooling

    Produce multiple grid heights with one tool. Quickly and easily change grid heights without removing die from the presss, reducing tooling costs and improving production efficiency.

    Full Border Grids

    Increase grid strength, minimize grid growth and maximize battery performance. A single OAK tool can run various strip thicknesses, increasing manufacturing flexibility.

    Flexible Material Selection

    OAK systems have stamped material from 0.027" to 0.100" thick at speeds up to 500 grids per minute. Alloys processed range from near pure lead to antimony.

  • Accurate Stamping

    Highly accurate dies mean more product per square foot of stock and less scrap.

    Flexible Designs

    Flexible die designs mean lower tooling costs. A single die is capable of meeting a large range of fin design requirements with various collar spacings, row widths and material types.

    Fast Tooling Changeover

    Hydraulic slit selector clamps (gaggable tooling) allow one operator versus two to make a change in a shorter time.

    Durable Materials

    Tooling is manufactured from special tool steels for longer tool life, minimizing sharpening requirements. This means less production downtime.

  • Safe & Easy Tooling Changeover

    Hydraulic slit selector clamps provide a positive, locked position throughout operation — eliminating hand screws.

    Clamps also allow for safer changeover because all guards remain in position, the clamps move to a positive locked position, and a simple “on/off” switch provides the activation.

    Touch screen slit selection eliminates need to open guards and enter the machine.

Fin Dies

Built for Accuracy, Speed, Longevity and Reliability

Burr OAK Tool Inc. has been the industry leader in designing and building fin dies since the early 1960s. Our engineers work closely with you to design and build your fin die to meet your specific heat transfer requirements. The dies can be equipped with rapid die change options to provide more flexible and accurate production capabilities.